Bathroom Floor Tile And Installation Ideas

Stylish bathroom floor tiles can transform an old, outdated bathroom into a modern and beautiful space. Floor tile patterns can be customized and arranged in so many unique ways that the same tiles used in different bathrooms will look entirely different. The cost of new tiles varies greatly depending on the type you select, and that price span makes tiles affordable and practical for everyone planning to update their bathroom.

Floor Tiles for Bathroom

Bathroom Floor Tiles Design

Bathroom Floor Tiles Design

Before we look at the ideas for the creative placement of tiles, let’s find out the options available as far as the tiles are concerned. Ceramic tiles are the most popularly opted alternative due to the numerous advantages they have. These come with a glossy finish and textured finish as well. Make sure you pick textured pieces that are non-slippery for the bathroom and polished pieces that will not retain moisture for the shower space. Apart from these, marble and granite are the most elegant choices which can be picked. You can have the most ultimate-looking designs with plush glass tiles.

Creative Installation Ideas

Each of the tiles mentioned above can be installed in creative patterns to form classic large or small designs. With simple marbles that are usually installed in straight square pattern, you can have the most classy looking designs. All you need to do is lay them diagonally to form a diamond floor tile pattern that looks lovely. One of the best ideas is to pick the small square marble tiles of various tones of the same shade and install them alternatively to have a lovely monochromatic flooring in your bathroom. Another idea is to have a carpet styled design pattern of floor tiles at the center of the bathroom.

You can also install a mix of floor tiles. Yo can opt for a combo of ceramic and marble. Have a lovely tile design by installing plain ceramic tiles diagonally in the center and further add a narrow marble border all over. Have ceramic in ivory and marble in almond color for a soft look. You can also go for lively designs with fresh, colored glass tiles laid all over. Have dual-colored, contrast tiles laid alternately to form the popular checkerboard pattern. You can also add a small dark-colored granite piece at the intersection of four soft colored granite or marble tiles. Apart from this, you can have various designs at the center using tiny and colorful mosaic pieces.