Spanish Hacienda Style Interior Design

Spanish haciendas are designed around large open areas and uncluttered spaces. Colors present in nature–red, off white, and olive green–are use a great deal in decorating these homes. Even though you don’t live in a hacienda, you can create a hacienda style interior by carefully selecting finishes, furniture and accessories.
Wood TreatmentWoodwork found haciendas is usually in dark wood tones for example walnut, mahogany or redwood. To create this look, strip the paint from the wood surfaces in the house. Stain the stair railing, wooden floors and door framesin an all natural dark wood color.
You may create a faux wood beam ceiling to boost the hacienda style decorating. Appraise the length of the ceiling in the family room. Buy and hang wooden boards evenly spaced around the ceiling Stain the boards within the same wood tone because the other woodwork in the house

Wall Treatment and Decoration

Walls inside a hacienda are textured and painted one light shade at home. A stone off-white is a good option for this style of decorating. Scatter black wrought iron pieces throughout the house to emphasize certain features. For those who have an extra wide doorway, consider putting a floor-to-ceiling piece of wrought iron on each side of the doorway. Group candle sconces together and put tall candles in them. Place a couple of large, heavy framed mirrors throughout the house. Look for mirrors with Spanish decorations in it. Artwork should be large and reflect traditional themes.

Furniture Treatment

Heavy furniture looks the very best in this setting. Tables ought to be of heavy wood construction stained within the same tones as the remaining woodwork. Group leather couches and chairs around low tables.


Use oversized terracotta jars and plant pots. Group a number of tropical plants together within the plant pots. Place large aloe and succulent plants in sunny corners. Hang frosted glass chandeliers in the ceiling on dark chains to produce soft lighting. Use large stone statues as points of interest in the public rooms. The statue themes are often classical designs of humans and horses. Set large rugs under furniture groupings


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