Shine A Light – Your Guide To Kitchen Lighting

Any kitchen can be beautiful, but without proper lighting, there will be no way to showcase it. At Flo form, lights are very important to us, as it offers the perfect complement to our products. We thought we’d demonstrate a few different types of lighting, to provide you with a better idea of what would perform best in your home.

Whether you are designing a brand new home, updating your current kitchen, or are investing in a fixer-upper and are looking forward to putting how well you see in place, deciding on kitchen lighting could be a significant undertaking. The kitchen may be the heart of any home, so choosing the right lighting to create a functional, yet inviting, environment is essential.

It is also a great way to increase interest throughout a buyer tour when you are selling your house. When professional stagers put their design plans together, one of many focuses is on developing a clean, bright kitchen that appears move-in ready. Having the right lights to boost the room is an important consideration.

Ideally, you will find three layers to effective kitchen lighting: task, ambient, and accent. Each one has its own purpose and can be utilized in combination or alone, with respect to the lighting needs required.



A chandelier is really a classic lighting tool that exudes elegance. These exquisite lighting fixtures have usually been related to more historical tastes in design, however these days, families are implementing them to their modern home décor. For example, this kitchen featuring Formica showcases the fragile chandeliers with modern appliances along with a rustic backsplash.

Pot Lights

A contemporary twist on lighting is using pot lights, that provide an ideal spotlight on your favourite points of interest within your kitchen. We love the feel of pot lights as their contemporary style give a clean and sleek look to any room. This Cambria kitchen works perfectly with pot lights, because they match the chromatic feel from the room, and emit the perfect amount of brightness.

Drop-down lights

Hanging ceiling lighting is a perfect option for those who would really like a nice medium between the classic feel of chandeliers, and also the modern edge of pot lights. These lighting fixtures can be customized to fit perfectly inside the room, and are ideal when attempting to showcase your beautiful countertops. The lights featured within this Corian kitchen are contemporary, but still give the room a homey quality, that everybody is looking for in their family’s home.

Task Lighting

Task Lights are at the top of everyone’s list when choosing kitchen lighting systems. You should be able to have proper illumination for preparing food, such as when you are using sharp knives to chop vegetables, measuring and adding ingredients, and just reading recipes. Task lighting usually requires higher wattage bulbs and could be set into overhead, directional lights for particular areas of the counter or mounted underneath the cabinets. Installing task lighting within the wrong place can cast shadows on working areas, defeating the objective of the light.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting results in a softer look, making your kitchen feel warm and inviting. This style of indirect lights are sometimes overlooked, but it is essential for homes with open floor plans because it adds to the overall look of the larger space. Kinds of ambient lighting include pendant lights that hang in the ceiling, or small tube lights installed under cabinets.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lights are usually the last segment homeowners consider, but it’s essentially the finishing touch to the kitchen decor. Choices like decorative track lighting, directional display lights along with a selection of wall sconces provides a complete look. Other types of this lighting include include low-wattage bulbs inside glass cabinets to intensify china and glassware, and recessed lights to pay attention to artwork.


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