Interior Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Choosing the right color palette for your kitchen may appear a daunting task. But if you retain in mind the style of the kitchen and also the ambiance you want to create, you can’t go wrong in selecting paint colors for the kitchen. Your kitchen is a room in which you spend a sizable amount of time rustling up meals for the family and friends. So you need a color scheme for the kitchen that is fresh and invigorating. Should you entertain in the kitchen or your kitchen also works as a dining room, then you need to select soothing colors that will excite your appetite.

Interior Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Interior Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Kitchen Painting Suggestions for a Modern Kitchen

Whenever homeowners attempt to decorate any room inside a modern minimalistic décor, they invariably select a black and white  kitchen paint color scheme. There is nothing wrong in a back and white color scheme, there are other ways to attain a minimalistic décor. Be imaginative and opt for bolder colors while renovating a contemporary kitchen. Bold and vivid hues like eggplant, orange, red and olive green is effective in the kitchen. This is not to say that you simply paint all the four walls from the kitchen in red or orange. For any kitchen that looks like it is straight from a high-end interior design magazine, you should utilize these bold colors strategically. For those who have an open plan kitchen, then divide the walls from the kitchen into three equal parts horizontally. Now paint the low two-thirds of the wall in a dramatic color like crimson red inside a matte finish. Paint top of the one-third of the kitchen walls along with the ceiling in another color like light orange. Dividing the area in this way with paint and painting the ceiling with similar color as the walls can provide your kitchen a very attractive and contemporary look.

Interior Painting Suggestions for a Cottage Style Kitchen

When decorating a cottage style kitchen, keep in mind that kitchen paint colors ought to be warm and inviting. A cottage style kitchen should project an old-fashioned and relaxed atmosphere and this is best achieved by utilizing warm and bright paint colors. Bright orange, sunny yellow, green and tomato red. While selecting colors for any cottage style kitchen, ensure that they match the kitchen cabinets and backsplash. Cooler tones in cabinets like pale eggshell blue and pale green matches perfectly with a warm toned kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes ought to be bright and warm. The easiest method to complement such a kitchen style is by using bistro style tables, checked white and red patterned window treatments and colorful rugs.

Kitchen Paint Colors for Mediterranean Style Kitchen

For those who have a Mediterranean style kitchen, then your best kitchen painting tip is by using neutral colors interspersed with colors like terracotta, sea blue, teal and tan. Nothing spells Mediterranean as an all white kitchen with trimmings in blue paint color. Since an exciting white kitchen can look stark along with a little bare, you need to paint cabinets and shelves in brownish or terracotta. These colors look wonderful with white and helps make the kitchen look airy and stylish. You can also use shades of sea green, coral, chocolate, beige and yellow around the walls to give the kitchen a really Mediterranean ambiance. Just painting a kitchen during these colors is not enough. If you would like the authentic look of the Mediterranean kitchen, then use curved wooden furniture, clay tiles as backsplash and patterned window treatment.

Interior Painting Suggestions for a Small Kitchen

If you have a little kitchen, then do not despair. You’ll be able to paint the kitchen in the most trendy hues but still make it appear attractive and greater than it is. Choose light paint colors like steel blue and slate gray of these modern kitchens design. You can also paint your kitchen in pristine white ensuring the kitchen cabinets and shelves will also be painted in the same color. To create an all white or light hues kitchen look more interesting, add small bursts of colours like celery green, dusky rose and lavender. These pastel colors can make the kitchen look livelier and airy. Begin using these colors as accent colors in the kitchen area by using them on crown moldings, rugs, backsplash and cabinet trimmings.


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