How To Go Green With Your Bedroom Furniture

Going green’ is the buzzword today and everybody wants to contribute and help maintain your environment. Some people have this misconception that conservation is perfect for big corporate companies, NGOs, and governments, to think about. They feel their individual contribution wouldn’t really make a difference. But everyone knows the strength of individual initiatives bringing about societal change and that we have enough examples to substantiate them. For example, in Israel there is a design company called Krooom which designs eco-friendly bedroom furniture for that home and office. They use waste cardboard material to create furniture that is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, these ‘green’ products have innovative and engaging designs too.
There are many such companies worldwide using renewable material and producing eco-friendly products. Upon an individual level, you can either purchase ‘green’ products or make them yourself. If you decide to ‘go green’ and live sustainably, you must know that you can take from the environment only so what can be naturally replenished. Companies should be aware that apart from the material, it’s also the process and manufacturing manner in which influence the environment. The best place to start change is your home and just what better place than your bedroom in which you rest, relax, and let your guards down. One way to begin is to introduce indoor plants to include freshness and greenery. You might use green furniture inside your bedroom to have an eco-friendly environment. Continue reading to know more about eco-friendly bedroom furniture.

Eco-Friendly Bedroom accessories

  • Bedroom furniture includes dressers, bedside tables, chairs and tables. If it’s made of wooden material like plywood, particalboard, oriented strand board (OSB) or any other composites; adhesives are used to hold them together. The adhesive used can result in the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which could linger on for years.
  • To avert this, you can choose green furniture that’s made of organic materials. There are lots of options like hemp, bamboo, along with other natural, renewable materials utilized by design stores as well as local companies and communities to create renewable furniture more available to the general masses.
  • The pillow is a very common item taken for granted but is indispensible. Nobody knows that people are breathing in chemical fumes and therefore are exposed to toxins and other synthetic material. The entire process of manufacturing pillows involves heavy management of polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDEs) which can accumulate in the body and may have adverse health effects. Today on the market there are many varieties of green pillows and pillow cases open to reduce the harmful effect on your body and the atmosphere. One of the popular materials are hemp which is similar to cotton and could be spun into the pillow packing.
  • Mattresses much like pillows can be harmful if they are manufactured with materials and procedures that have environmentally hazardous effects. They often contain polyurethane foams and also have gone through various chemical treatments. Some companies make use of boric acid which is toxic when inhaled by humans. You will find companies using processes which make ‘natural latex’ to manufacture green mattresses. The only real obstacle is that these mattresses are costly as they are made to order.
  • Carpeting is yet another major source of bad elements bad for the environment. If it is not essential it’s best not to have carpeting. But if it’s absolutely required, then carpets ought to be cleaned with non-chemical agents or replace green options like natural fiber woven rugs and carpets.
  • Essentially, you should buy or make furniture and furnishings which use natural materials which make the caliber of the air in the bedroom and also the environment cleaner, lighter and free of artificial harmful agents.

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