Basement Bathroom Ideas

The idea of having a bathroom fixed inside your basement is getting more and more popular nowadays. Reason? Growing families, ergo growing needs. Consider it. Are you having trouble every morning? Arranging in front of the bath and having to hold back your turn? Or why do when you need to have a leisurely bath and soak within the tub, someone is using exactly the same tub to bathe the family dog?! Would not it be great if there magically appeared an attractive bathroom from somewhere? OK. You will not guarantee the magic thing, but there’s a way in which that bathroom might be yours. It’s called a basement bathroom design also it could truly be the response to all your bathroom woes. Thinking about finding out more? Continue reading.

Since basements take presctiption the lowest level of the home, they are often without windows and natural light. When the basement bathroom does not have sun light, designers and homeowners need to compensate by adding light fixtures. Homeowners can decide on several lighting fixtures to place around the ceiling of the basement bathroom. Lights can also be placed above the sink or around the vanity. Depending on their preferences, homeowners can have large wattage bulbs for a bright room or lower wattage bulbs for additional romantic lighting. Homeowners may also place candles inside the room when ever they are entertaining guests. Designers can function with homeowners to research and pick lighting for any basement bathroom. There are also several lighting and style stores that offer lights for basement bathrooms.

Light Colors

As stated, basement bathrooms can often be dark because of the lack of natural light. To brighten in the room, homeowners and designers can paint the walls with light colors. Light colors might help hide the fact that there are no windows and may also create a lively space. Popular light colors for basement bathroom walls include blue, yellow, white, pink and purple. Homeowners and designers who’re using light colors within their basement bathroom should pick shades that match their style and fully trust the other rooms in the basement. Designers and homeowners may add light-colored decorative accessories, such as bath mats, soap dishes, candles and artwork. The ornamental accessories should match the sunshine color on the wall.


Another essential element of a basement bathroom is ventilation. Ventilation will help remove steamy air that accumulates following a shower is taken. It may also help to remove unwanted odors. Designers and homeowners can produce a small or medium-sized ventilation duct on your wall or ceiling, so as to require away from the design of the room. When the bathroom design is close to or connected to the central heating or air system, ventilation will go through those air ducts. The ventilated air may also go through a passive solar system if that’s how the home distributes heat.


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